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Who are we and what do we offer?

Do you have a child with a disorder or a disability and your child’s siblings (sibkids) are in need of support? Are you having communication problems with your child(ren) or would you like (more) support yourself in managing your family? We are able to help you. Our foundation offers support to sibkids of special need children (children with a disorder, handicap or disability). We also offer support for parents as well as help you communicating with your children and, if need be, with your partner.

Appropriate care, always

Each child is unique, each family is different and every life story is important. That’s why we always offer one on one support based on the wishes of child and parents. While many care institutions wait for a request for help we offer help even before the question is asked.

Profit is not an objective

Our foundation has been founded to support the family members of children with special needs, whenever needed. Profit is not an objective of our foundation that is continuously looking for ways to support the families in need of help. All donations are used to bring families with special needs children in contact with eachother.

Anywhere in Zuid-Holland and Gelderland/Noordoost Brabant

Sibkids actitivities take place in Zuid-Holland. Guidance, support and training take place in both Zuid-Holland and Gelderland/Noord-Oost Brabant. Live somewhere else but in need of advice? Please phone for an appointment, no obligation. You may find all contact details at the bottom of the page.

Our mission and vision

Our foundation aims to provide support for every family member of a care child (or care children) with a disorder and / or disability (mental or physical).


Brothers and sisters (or sibkids) of a care child often pose as the third parent of the care child and as a result, are unfortunately often in the shade.



Parents of a care child often indicate that they have a hard time balancing their time, work and the rest of the family. Our support to parents offers solutions to find a good balance.

Communication assistance

It often happens that miscommunication, fatigue or lack of time causes important conversations between parents and their children to be delayed or not to take place at all. Our mediation can help get the communication restarted.